Support Structure

The more you surround your environment with support, you are, statistically, more likely to achieve a better outcome. Support can come from many sources including organized groups, family and friends, and exercise classes. But it can also come from within through journaling, meditation and prayer. However you find your source of support make sure you incorporate it into your everyday life.

Support Groups

One of the most effective surgical weight loss tools are the support groups offered by your individual bariatric program. For most of us, this is the one place in our lives where we are surrounded by individuals who understand the challenges of having bariatric surgery and adopting a new lifestyle for success after bariatric surgery.  The support groups at Your Solution are specifically designed to maximize potential weight loss while also addressing a range of psychological and physical needs of patients who have undergone this radical lifestyle change. These may range from accepting the dramatic changes to your body and the way you relate to others in your new skin, to diet and exercise.

We offer support groups the fourth Monday of every month (see Events for details) from 6-7:30pm in our suite, for our patients and their support system, for those who have undergone a weight loss surgery or are in the process of surgery with us. At the support group meetings, you will have access to information that you need to promote safe and effective weight loss, while enjoying the opportunity to connect with your peers and be inspired by those who have been in your shoes. You will also interact with our dietitian, fitness coach and our bariatric nurse to review your post-operative lifestyle plan and implement any changes that may be necessary. Learning critical skills such as what to eat and how often to eat it, as well as how to shop at the grocery store, will guide you as you re-learn the basics of your relationship with food. Support groups often invite speakers who present a range of solutions to common problems after weight loss surgery, from expertise in cosmetic procedures to dining out in your post-surgery social life. And perhaps one of the greatest benefits of these sessions is knowing that you aren’t alone. We all have hurdles to overcome after weight loss surgery and not every day will be a great day. Support groups offer a strong foundation of peer and professional support to not only keep you on track, but help you bounce back when you need.

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