Support Structure

The more you surround yourself with support, you are, statistically, more likely to achieve a better outcome. Support can come from many sources including organized groups, family and friends and exercise classes. The most important thing is to find the support that you need and fits into your life.  Our bariatric center feel so strongly about support that we offer programs that can meet a variety of your needs.

Virtual Support Groups

We are excited to soon offer virtual support classes for the convenience of our patients!
Tuesdays 11:30-12:30
Class is open to the public – call 469-698-1622 for information

Support Group

While open to all the support group primarily focuses on the needs of the post-surgical patient. In support group, we are surrounded, encouraged and learn from others who have struggled with weight.  Adopting a new lifestyle, while exciting, can still bring challenges so taking time to share with others is particularly beneficial to your success. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is to know that you are not alone in your journey.

During this time, we address a range of psychological and physical needs for the post-surgical patient ranging from accepting the dramatic changes to your body, to diet and exercise and more.  Our dietitian and bariatric nurse plan highly relevant topics such as learning critical skills of what and how often to eat, how to shop at the grocery store, and re-learn the basics of your relationship with food. We may also invite speakers who present a range of solutions to common problems, from expertise in cosmetic procedures to dining out in your post-surgery social life.

Support groups offer a strong foundation of peer and professional support to not only keep you on track, but help you bounce back when you need.


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