Proper nutrition will be the cornerstone of successful post weight loss surgery. Surgery will provide the jump start with portion control as our stomach capacity is reduced and for some help with appetite suppression through hormone reduction. Adopting a new, healthy strategy for nutrition is the key for long term success. The word “balance” comes to mind. For most of us, being out of balance is what has gotten us into the trouble we’re in. Our team will spend a great deal of time teaching you the strategy of balanced food budgeting, journaling and employing new food choices. After surgery, you are not on a diet but entering a way of life regarding food, for the rest of your life.

There are several phases of modified nutrition following weight loss surgery. Each phase has a unique purpose. Immediately after surgery, you will be on a liquid diet consisting of daily liquid protein targets and low calorie fluid targets for the first 2 weeks. This reduces tension on your internal incision while allowing healing. During the next phase soft food is introduced. Finally, your menu for food choices is expanding. You will not be meeting your calorie needs by food consumption therefore your body will convert stored fat into energy needed, thus losing weight. Food alone is not enough to offer the patient the nutrition that they need to stay healthy. Vitamin and mineral supplements must be employed to ensure that weight loss is safe and that the body is receiving what it needs daily for the rest of your life.

Our registered Dietitian will work with you to plan the best diet for you and your individual needs. Her experience working with weight loss surgery patients will be an invaluable tool to get and keep you on the right path.

The entire team with Your Solution is here to help you achieve your goals. Use us as your resource.


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