Who We Are

Your Surgical Weight Loss Solution, or “Your Solution” for short, is a hospital-based program. Our goal is to address the needs of patients of size who want help in finding their health again. We offer four surgical options that balance the benefits and risks of bariatric surgery: the Adjustable Gastric Band, specifically the REALIZE™ band, Vertical Gastric Sleeve, the Gastric Bypass and revisions of previous weight loss surgeries.

While surgery is our predominant tool, supporting the patient with strong pre-operative education in nutrition, exercise, behavior and lifestyle modification is fundamental, with knowledge and understanding as the building blocks for long-term success. Coupled with this invaluable education, will be our continuing support for the first five years after surgery. You won’t be alone in this journey, but rather will have the guidance, experience and support of a highly skilled resource team – your patient advocate, dietitian, nurse, fitness coach and, of course, your surgeon. In addition, there are routine office visits, electronic and phone accountability communication, monthly support groups and weekly fitness classes offered to help you achieve your goals.

Meet Your Team