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Learn 7 Powerful Ways to Avoid Joining the Quarantine 15 Club


Author: Indrani Raman, MD If you have gained weight during this quarantine time, you’re not alone! “Quarantine 15” is a popular term being used recently to refer to the pesky pounds that have crept onto waistlines since the shutdown began. … Continue reading

The Secret Ingredient to Diminish Head Hunger


How often do you catch yourself grazing? You know that slight nagging hunger that makes you reach for a snack or two or more. Grazing can be one of the biggest habits to overcome; and one of the most damaging … Continue reading

Three Fundamental Tools for Good Health


Author: Indrani Raman, MD As an Integrative medicine doctor, I am asked frequently about good health practices. Following are three aspects, I believe everyone should incorporate into daily life. Nutrition Americans, in general, tend to eat too many high glycemic … Continue reading

Bariatric Surgery: Is it right for you?


The decision to have bariatric surgery is not a simple one. While the benefits of a surgical solution to lose weight are very real, it certainly isn’t anyone’s preference. Wouldn’t we all prefer to lose weight organically and easily!  However, … Continue reading

How to choose a bariatric surgeon?


Facebook recommendations are where it’s at when searching out a new restaurant or the most reliable auto mechanic but when it comes to your health it pays to dig deeper. It’s true that hearing from other firsthand accounts provides insight … Continue reading

Donna’s Story: Leaving My Wheelchair Behind


Donna was like many – she struggled with her weight. But as she got older the extra weight began to significantly impact her life eventually landing her in a wheelchair. Her story begins in a doctor’s office however Donna wasn’t … Continue reading

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program Rockwall


Why is choosing an MBSAQIP program important? If you have researched weight loss surgery options you surely came across this logo and wondered what it means. MBSAQIP stands for – wow that says a lot.  But what does it mean?  … Continue reading


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