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Learn 7 Powerful Ways to Avoid Joining the Quarantine 15 Club


Author: Indrani Raman, MD If you have gained weight during this quarantine time, you’re not alone! “Quarantine 15” is a popular term being used recently to refer to the pesky pounds that have crept onto waistlines since the shutdown began. … Continue reading

The Secret Ingredient to Diminish Head Hunger


How often do you catch yourself grazing? You know that slight nagging hunger that makes you reach for a snack or two or more. Grazing can be one of the biggest habits to overcome; and one of the most damaging … Continue reading

Three Fundamental Tools for Good Health


Author: Indrani Raman, MD As an Integrative medicine doctor, I am asked frequently about good health practices. Following are three aspects, I believe everyone should incorporate into daily life. Nutrition Americans, in general, tend to eat too many high glycemic … Continue reading

Donna’s Story: Leaving My Wheelchair Behind


Donna was like many – she struggled with her weight. But as she got older the extra weight began to significantly impact her life eventually landing her in a wheelchair. Her story begins in a doctor’s office however Donna wasn’t … Continue reading


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