Bariatric Surgery: Is it right for you?

Deciding to have bariatric surgery at Texas Health Rockwall, Your Surgical Weight Loss SolutionThe decision to have bariatric surgery is not a simple one. While the benefits of a surgical solution to lose weight are very real, it certainly isn’t anyone’s preference. Wouldn’t we all prefer to lose weight organically and easily!  However, just considering bariatric surgery is a great first step to improve your life and your health.

Why are you here?

Perhaps you can no longer tie your shoelaces or the simplest tasks take too much effort.  Sometimes routine chores are more difficult than you ever thought.  Perhaps playing with your children or traveling is almost impossible. Maybe you live in constant pain or your physician has diagnosed you with a condition related to extra weight. Whatever your reason for getting here the fact remains that you feel held back and life isn’t as enjoyable as it was or should be.  We have seen each of these scenarios and many more at our practice – all causing pain (physical and psychological) and anxiety.

When you’re desperate, you might start considering surgery. But what if we told you that bariatric surgery is not really a desperate move? In fact, when you consider the dangers of untreated morbid obesity, the risks of surgery are very often lower than living with the disease.

What’s your goal?

It’s important to remember that the term weight loss surgery is somewhat misleading. One of your goals will be to lose weight however the primary goal is to improve your life and/or resolve the risks of morbid obesity including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, certain forms of cancer and more. Consider the weight loss and looking great as just a pleasant side effect!

Further, many patients come to us thinking that all they need is surgery. Not true. Losing weight is hard work and surgery will only be successful with lifestyle change. You goal must include a commitment to your health.  Achieving that goal is a great accomplishment – and can change not only your life but the lives of your loved ones too!

What’s Right for You?

Bariatric surgery is not right for everyone and the benefits must outweigh the risks. For that reason and more, we have a comprehensive pre-operative qualification process that not only looks at your weight and history of obesity, but the many and varied factors that can affect your success after surgery.

Throughout the decision-making process you will have a team of dedicated professionals by your side. And our team includes several bariatric surgery patients themselves – so they understand where you are and what you are feeling. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend support groups and meet those in all stages of weight loss following their procedures. There you will hear first-hand from those who are living out their experience.

Bariatric surgery is a very personal decision and we don’t take that lightly.  We won’t pressure you but we will listen to you and provide options to help you make the best decision for yourself. And whatever that decision is, our hope is that it leads you to a full, healthy and active life.


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