How to choose a bariatric surgeon?

Facebook recommendations are where it’s at when searching out a new restaurant or the most reliable auto mechanic but when it comes to your health it pays to dig deeper.
It’s true that hearing from other firsthand accounts provides insight into office practices, wait times or ease of scheduling but when it comes to selecting a surgeon much more should be considered.


Call it personality or bedside manner but the ability to connect and feel comfortable with your surgeon and the practice as a whole is important. You will spend many hours over the course of the journey with the caregivers you choose so having a trusting relationship is one key to success. Will you feel comfortable sharing your concerns with the surgeon? Can you honestly talk about your medical condition and/or lifestyle challenges? If the answer is no then consider whether that is the right place for you. It may have been perfect for someone else yet not the right fit for you.


Of course you want a surgeon with experience but experience goes deeper than the number of procedures performed. What situations have they encountered? How much do they delve into your lifestyle, needs and wants to help determine the best option for you?

Follow up

Is the program committed to your long term, offering a variety of support tools? How do they support you after surgery and what fees, if any, are required for that support? You may not think you need it now but you don’t want to leave any questions unanswered that might cause additional worry later.


Everything they do is only as good as the quality care you receive. Do your research and make sure the program you choose has been evaluated and maintains high standards of care. There are several ways to do this including searching out an accredited program through MBSAQIP and other online reporting services.
So when it comes to seeking recommendations go ahead and ask others just remember that your opinion is the one you live with.


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