Donna’s Story: Leaving My Wheelchair Behind

Donna leaving her wheelchair behind story for Texas Bariatrics Texas Health RockwallDonna was like many – she struggled with her weight. But as she got older the extra weight began to significantly impact her life eventually landing her in a wheelchair.

Her story begins in a doctor’s office however Donna wasn’t the patient she was an employee. She began to have knee pain and opted for injections that worked for a period of time. She continued to limp painfully through her days until the pain got so bad she visited an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon told her he wouldn’t do a replacement because she was too heavy and she needed to have weight loss surgery. Donna recalls thinking “This guy is crazy. I am not having any kind of surgery to lose weight.”

Unfortunately, her condition did not improve. With worsening knees she had more difficulty moving and found herself in a wheelchair fulltime with a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The combination did not help her weight. At this point Donna was afraid she would die.

Donna found the strength to do something. Hear how Donna tells the rest of her story. “I did my research and found Dr. Kennedy and Your Solution. I was so impressed with her and the whole office that I decided to do it! It was the BEST decision of my life. The only thing I wish is that I had actually listened to my doctor and done it years ago. Look at me now! I am walking (after getting double knee replacement), going to the gym and getting stronger with each passing day, doing things I couldn’t have ever done without the gastric bypass. I went in at 350 and I am holding around 188! I thought I would never see the day I would be less than 200 lbs. and I have bypassed that!”

Life changing is how Donna and others describe their decision to take control of their future. Donna is living life and doing more when just a few years ago she was afraid she might die. That is a great representation of life changing.


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