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Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Considering weight loss surgery is a process. Most patients have tried various diets or plans that helped them lose some weight but were not effective over the long run. Others experience no weight loss at all, leaving them frustrated and defeated and still facing the debilitating health issues associated with their obesity. Considering surgery as the intervention tool to help you achieve your health goals is appropriate, especially when the post-surgery benefits outweigh the risks of having the surgery.  The most effective long-term treatment for obesity is bariatric surgery, especially for a motivated patient. The surgery itself addresses a significant hurdle for most of us, significantly reducing the volume of the stomach, assisting with portion control at each meal. The surgery takes an organ whose capacity is about two quarts and reduces it to approximately four ounces. Couple surgery with a lifestyle change, extensive education and a long-term plan for support and practice, and you are ready for success! After bariatric surgery, the amount of weight lost and health gained is dependent on several factors:

  • Your initial weight
  • Your willingness and ability to follow the post-op nutritional program
  • Your dedication to an elevated activity level
  • The length and severity level of each associated health issue (co-morbidities)

With as little as 10% of excess weight lost, you will begin to experience significant reduction in your co-morbid conditions. Reduction can mean less medication, stabilized lab results, a reduction of pain in orthopedic conditions and the return of ability in many areas of life.

The following video profiles three weight loss surgery patients and the difference weight loss surgery made in their lives. These patients are not patients of Your Surgical Weight Loss Solution. Video provided by American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Video provided courtesy of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery